Kat (that's me) is the eponymous custodian of KuleKat's Eco-Essentials - a repository of personal experience and research (mixed with a stiff shot of opinion) related to how being more environmentally aware can also save you loadsa loot.

Yes, you read that right, we're talking serious green spondulicks here.

Much that is written around this topic seems to me to be either vague and earnest fluff or as difficult and demanding as an especially petulant super model. The fact is, eco-technology is mostly pretty straightforward and accessible.


Things To Consider Before Installing Domestic Solar Power

Things To Consider Before Installing Domestic Solar Power

Clueless or confused about solar panels, feed in tariffs, microgeneration and the promise of “free” electricity? This straightforward guide for the ordinary homeowner looks at various factors to consider before deciding whether or not to install some form of solar power. No sales pitch, no bullshit and no baffling jargon – just a simple down to earth trawl through the available options.

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