Questions People Commonly Ask About Wood Burning Stoves

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One of the (quite) interesting aspects of running a website is that you get to find out what people actually type into search engines. So, since one of the main topics round these parts is related to burning wood for domestic heating, I thought I would collate a real sample from the past week and see what patterns can be discerned.

Obviously the types of query coming into my site are on the whole going to be fairly closely related to the things I’ve written.

Not infrequently though, Google or Bing or whoever gets into their little algorithm that I might just have the very answer for whoever it was typed “log burners in great missenden area”.

All I know about Great Missenden is that it is in Buckinghamshire, was once home to the author Roald Dahl and is now home to his grand-daughter Sophie and hubbie, pianist and singer Jamie Cullum.

Log burners in the vicinity? Not a clue. But that’s search engines for you.

Anyway, it seems that several broad themes do emerge and that most folk arriving here want to know about: regulations, types of burner, assorted queries around the topic of installation, costs (that’s a very popular one), safety, pros and cons, purchasing options, random stuff and lastly (my favorite) spam.

Ze Rules Are To Be Obeyed At All Times

As Miranda’s mother Penny would put it such fun! You weren’t expecting that were you? And more to the point, neither are the algorithms that arbitrate on search results. I shall be intrigued to discover just how many people do in fact search for variations on how to keep warm by burning Miranda Hart. Anyway, let’s kick off with what I call rules and regs…

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