Incentives, Regulations and Grants for Wood Burning Stoves

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Wood Burning Stove Regulations Related to Installation

Obviously any type of log burner installation needs to comply with safety and building regulations. Also, you might need planning permission to fit a twin wall wood burner flue if you don’t already have a flue or suitable chimney.

Furthermore, with recent Climate Change legislation you might also need to establish compliance with the Building Regulations Part L – Conservation of fuel and power (the UK implementation of the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive).

If you plan to install a wood burning stove in an urban environment in general, or are located in a smokeless zone, you will need to check which woodburner regulations apply, what exemptions might also apply and consider specially approved woodburning stoves that have been designed to comply with the Clean Air Act with regard to particulate pollution.

In the UK you can easily check the location of Smoke Control Areas and also which types of wood burning stoves and specific fuels are exempt.

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) helpfully list specific appliances exempt from the Clean Air Act.

In the USA you will also find that not only the stove itself, but also most parts such as the stovepipe and chimney liner need to be what is commonly referred to as “UL Approved”.

This means simply that they must pass tests laid down by Underwriters Laboratories in order to obtain certification, be permitted to display a UL mark and be sold in the US market.

Other countries also have their own forms of Clean Air legislation, for example New Zealand with its controversial Clean Heat Project that essentially outlaws not only open fires but also all solid fuel stoves that are 15 years or older.

That said, the New Zealand government has made provision to assist those affected with subsidies and interest-free loans, subject of course to eligibility. This, for example, documents the various forms of financial assistance available to residents of New Zealand.

In general then you must always check what rules and assistance may apply to your own particular locality. And of course, don’t forget to check whether you are eligible for an incentive grant for wood burning wood stove installation…

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