Questions People Commonly Ask About Wood Burning Stoves

Now YOU may not have ever associated Miranda Hart with a huge double sided French wood stove, but then you’re not a search engine. So cast to one side whatever image has now drifted into your mind and peruse the many and varied things that people want to know about wood burning stoves and seem quite prepared to ask…

How Much Does A Wood Burning Stove Cost?

Contura 750 Wood Burning Stove

Many people ask how much it costs to install a wood burner, which is a lot like asking how much it costs to build a house. It depends on what you want, how much space you need to heat, what type of heat you need (space heating, hot water, cooking, a combination thereof), what restrictions might apply and to a large extent, what you’re prepared to spend! This article attempts to unravel this particularly knotty question.

Not So Green At Night – What’s Wrong With Conventional Lighting

Tiffany Lampshade

The good old incandescent light bulb may have lit the way to the 24 hour world we live in today, but it’s finally time to part company with this dated technology. Energy is scarce and expensive enough already and the incandescent electric bulb frankly ticks all the wrong boxes these days.

More and More UK Accommodation Providers Opt to Install Renewable Energy Technologies

LED Chess Piece

Looking for exemplary cases of “green” energy in practical use? Well forget the stereotypical eco-yurt someplace out in the sticks and check out these common or garden UK holiday cottages and hotels. The accommodation industry is very much setting an example in adopting renewable energy…

Cut Your Heating Costs and CO2 Footprint With a Wood Burning Stove

Log Burner

Thanks mainly to the seemingly endless market slump and ever soaring prices in almost everything, many people are understandably keen to find ways of saving their hard earned money. Common strategies include using coupons, buying generic brands, trying as much …

Tips For Buying A Second Hand Log Burning Stove

Second Hand Log Burner

Not everyone buys from new, and especially not when the item in question comes with a pretty hefty price tag – like a wood burning stove for instance. A good second hand log burner will often sell for about one third the cost of the brand new version, so it can pay to look around…