Questions People Commonly Ask About Wood Burning Stoves

Now YOU may not have ever associated Miranda Hart with a huge double sided French wood stove, but then you’re not a search engine. So cast to one side whatever image has now drifted into your mind and peruse the many and varied things that people want to know about wood burning stoves and seem quite prepared to ask…

Things To Consider Before Installing A Wood Burning Stove

Flame Effect Flower Petals

Considering installing a wood stove? Well here’s a bunch of things to seriously consider before you go ahead, so you don’t join the many folk whose fantasy of frolicking in front of flickering flames (enough alliteration already) left them contemplating an (expensive white) elephant in the room.

Wood Boiler Stoves

Wood Boiler Stoves

Understand how a wood boiler stove (or more commonly, a wood boiler) differs from both a regular wood burning stove and a conventional oil or gas boiler. What are the pros and cons of wood burning boilers?

How to Select a Type and Make of Wood Burning Stove

Suspended Wood Stove

Confused by the bewildering variety of types, designs, makes and suppliers of wood burners, pellet stoves, fireplace inserts, multifuel, dual fuel, inset stoves, DEFRA approved and so on? Fear not, you’re not alone and help is at hand right here…

The Pros and Cons of Installing A Wood Burning Stove

Pros and Cons of Installing A Wood Burning Stove

For those who are fortunate enough to be able to install a wood burner there seems little doubt that the many significant advantages considerably outweigh any disadvantages…

Wood Burners Past And Present

Wood Burners Past And Present

Modern wood burning stoves have become one of the hottest (excuse the pun) domestic enhancements that people want to install in their own homes, and there are many very good reasons for this. But how did we get here in the first place? Why has the wood burner persisted so long and what might the future hold in store? It seems that necessity is not only the mother of invention, but the secret to longevity also…