Questions People Commonly Ask About Wood Burning Stoves

Now YOU may not have ever associated Miranda Hart with a huge double sided French wood stove, but then you’re not a search engine. So cast to one side whatever image has now drifted into your mind and peruse the many and varied things that people want to know about wood burning stoves and seem quite prepared to ask…

How Much Does A Wood Burning Stove Cost?

Contura 750 Wood Burning Stove

Many people ask how much it costs to install a wood burner, which is a lot like asking how much it costs to build a house. It depends on what you want, how much space you need to heat, what type of heat you need (space heating, hot water, cooking, a combination thereof), what restrictions might apply and to a large extent, what you’re prepared to spend! This article attempts to unravel this particularly knotty question.

Incentives, Regulations and Grants for Wood Burning Stoves

Grants, Incentives and Regulations for Wood Burning Stoves

Thinking about installing a wood burning stove? Well before you get very much further you would do well to carefully consider the various regulations that govern this procedure (boo!) but on the plus side there are also many grants and other government backed incentives that may be available to you (yay!).

A Guide To Commercial Solar PV Installations

Guide To Commercial Solar PV Installations

Well everyone now knows about domestic solar power – thanks to recent generous government support it seems as if pretty well everyone with a suitable house, money to invest and half a brain has jumped at the chance and installed solar PV panel on their roof. But what about the arguably much more important commercial side of things?

Review Of LED Spotlights To Replace Halogen Lamps

Adjustable LED Spotlight

Confused about replacing 12v and mains halogen lamps with LED MR16 and GU10 LED light bulbs? Here is some simple unbiased advice plus a sample of some of the better products currently available for the domestic market, including dimmable LED lights.

Things To Consider Before Installing A Wood Burning Stove

Flame Effect Flower Petals

Considering installing a wood stove? Well here’s a bunch of things to seriously consider before you go ahead, so you don’t join the many folk whose fantasy of frolicking in front of flickering flames (enough alliteration already) left them contemplating an (expensive white) elephant in the room.

A Good Straightforward Guide To LED Grow Lights

Good Straightforward Guide To LED Grow Lights

Is the buzz about LED grow lights all hype or do they really work as well as is claimed? Find out what makes plants grow best, how grow lights work and what makes LED so different.