Why Won’t My LED Replacements For Halogen Lamps Work?

LED Lights Won't Work

So you’ve decided to personally do something about global warming and all that and gone and replaced your hideously wasteful halogen lamps with environmentally friendly LED versions. Sure they were eye-wateringly pricey but hey, you’ve seen that poor ickle polar …

Review Of LED Spotlights To Replace Halogen Lamps

Adjustable LED Spotlight

Confused about replacing 12v and mains halogen lamps with LED MR16 and GU10 LED light bulbs? Here is some simple unbiased advice plus a sample of some of the better products currently available for the domestic market, including dimmable LED lights.

How To Use LED Lighting In Your Own Home

Using LED Lighting In Your Own Home

If you’re interested in using LED lighting in your home, either to try out new effects or just to save money on lighting costs, but don’t really know where or how to start then this simple guide aims to point you in the right direction…

A Simple Guide To Buying And Installing LED Home Lighting

Simple Guide To Buying And Installing LED Home Lighting

Cut through the hype, myths and half-truths and find out what you really need to know to successfully benefit from the latest low energy LED home lighting.

Still Using Halogen Lamps? Are You Mad?

Still Using Halogen Lamps? Are You Mad?

Have you not yet made the switch over to LED replacements for halogen spot lamps? Bothered about the higher prices for LED equivalent light bulbs? Not really sure what the benefits might be? In which case you really do need to read this…

What To Look For When Buying LED Spotlights

What To Look For When Buying LED Spotlights

It’s a simple fact that replacing existing spotlights with LED equivalents can save a substantial amount of money, but what should you look for (or more often, look out for)? Find out about GU10 LED light bulbs, LED MR16 spot lights and how to avoid potential pitfalls and make the switch over a smooth and rewarding experience, both financially and aesthetically.

Replacing Halogen Lamps With LED Spotlights

LED Cool vs Warm White

One of the most straightforward ways to benefit from the huge savings offered by LED home lighting technology is by replacing halogen lamps with equivalent LED spot lights that easily retrofit not just existing 12v lighting systems with MR16 12 volt LED lights, but also mains voltage LED GU10 bulbs.

What You Need To Know About Energy Saving Light Bulbs

What You Need To Know About Low Energy Light Bulbs

Check out the worldwide schedule for phasing out conventional incandescent bulbs – some countries have already eliminated all such bulbs and many others, including the USA, are now part way through and aim to complete total eradication within the next couple of years. So how exactly does this affect you?