Why Won’t My LED Replacements For Halogen Lamps Work?

LED Lights Won't Work

So you’ve decided to personally do something about global warming and all that and gone and replaced your hideously wasteful halogen lamps with environmentally friendly LED versions. Sure they were eye-wateringly pricey but hey, you’ve seen that poor ickle polar …

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting And Other Wild Extravaganzas…

Under Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen lighting is not a subject most people readily consider exciting (or even vaguely interesting come to that), yet it is something of an unsung hero. While folk gladly brag about their designer hob and granite counters they all too often forget that lighting design has more to do with how a kitchen looks than what is actually in it.

Things To Consider When Buying And Installing LED Tape

Things To Consider When Buying And Installing LED Tape

As you can see from the accompanying picture, strip lighting using LED tape can be an easy and reasonably inexpensive way to introduce new lighting effects. It is an amazingly versatile product and you can opt for full on bling, subdued and subtle or anywhere in between.

Review Of LED Spotlights To Replace Halogen Lamps

Adjustable LED Spotlight

Confused about replacing 12v and mains halogen lamps with LED MR16 and GU10 LED light bulbs? Here is some simple unbiased advice plus a sample of some of the better products currently available for the domestic market, including dimmable LED lights.

How To Fit Kitchen Down Lights

How To Fit Kitchen Down Lights

Recessed ceiling down lights are without doubt one of the most effective and popular ways to fill a kitchen with good, uniform, highly controllable ambient light that sets the stage for your more decorative and functional lighting designs. Furthermore, it’s not exactly difficult to install…

Can You Mix ‘n Match Transformers With LED Lights?

Can You Mix 'n Match Transformers With LED Lights?

So last year’s LED Christmas lights are dead or you’ve just bought yourself one of those funky new low voltage LED spot lights and the question you need to ask yourself, as you rummage around in the draw of redundant 12v transformers that you fondly believe might come in handy one day, is: do I feel lucky?