Questions People Commonly Ask About Wood Burning Stoves

Now YOU may not have ever associated Miranda Hart with a huge double sided French wood stove, but then you’re not a search engine. So cast to one side whatever image has now drifted into your mind and peruse the many and varied things that people want to know about wood burning stoves and seem quite prepared to ask…

How Much Does A Wood Burning Stove Cost?

Contura 750 Wood Burning Stove

Many people ask how much it costs to install a wood burner, which is a lot like asking how much it costs to build a house. It depends on what you want, how much space you need to heat, what type of heat you need (space heating, hot water, cooking, a combination thereof), what restrictions might apply and to a large extent, what you’re prepared to spend! This article attempts to unravel this particularly knotty question.

Tips For Buying A Second Hand Log Burning Stove

Second Hand Log Burner

Not everyone buys from new, and especially not when the item in question comes with a pretty hefty price tag – like a wood burning stove for instance. A good second hand log burner will often sell for about one third the cost of the brand new version, so it can pay to look around…

Chimney Problems – Common Symptoms, Causes and Remedies

Chimney Problems

Sorting out chimney problems can prove somewhat frustrating, not least because the correlation between symptoms and root causes is often not clear cut. A particular symptom (such as smoke blowing back) may be due to any number of different problems, and likewise a specific problem can sometimes manifest itself through different symptoms.

Incentives, Regulations and Grants for Wood Burning Stoves

Grants, Incentives and Regulations for Wood Burning Stoves

Thinking about installing a wood burning stove? Well before you get very much further you would do well to carefully consider the various regulations that govern this procedure (boo!) but on the plus side there are also many grants and other government backed incentives that may be available to you (yay!).

Can You Benefit From Using A Log Burner In A City?

Can You Benefit From Using A Log Burner In A City?

It’s become common knowledge that installing a log burning stove can save big bucks on your heating bills, but this is a technology that seems best suited to remote, rural, off-grid type situations. How about if you live in a city?

Things To Consider Before Installing A Wood Burning Stove

Flame Effect Flower Petals

Considering installing a wood stove? Well here’s a bunch of things to seriously consider before you go ahead, so you don’t join the many folk whose fantasy of frolicking in front of flickering flames (enough alliteration already) left them contemplating an (expensive white) elephant in the room.

Why Install A Wood Stove?

Why Install A Wood Burning Stove?

The first question to ask anyone considering installing a wood burning stove is why? Because the answer to that will really help clarify the important features to look for when researching and buying a woodburner.