Questions People Commonly Ask About Wood Burning Stoves

Now YOU may not have ever associated Miranda Hart with a huge double sided French wood stove, but then you’re not a search engine. So cast to one side whatever image has now drifted into your mind and peruse the many and varied things that people want to know about wood burning stoves and seem quite prepared to ask…

Why Won’t My LED Replacements For Halogen Lamps Work?

LED Lights Won't Work

So you’ve decided to personally do something about global warming and all that and gone and replaced your hideously wasteful halogen lamps with environmentally friendly LED versions. Sure they were eye-wateringly pricey but hey, you’ve seen that poor ickle polar …

Exciting New Developments in Solar Energy

Solar Panel Developments

Everyone knows that the Sun sends more energy our way than we could possibly ever use. The problem though is: how to harness this energy? Existing photovoltaic cells are astonishingly inefficient, but it could be that nature could already how us a better way. Newly discovered bacteria deep within the ocean is able to convert sunlight to electricity with an astounding 100% efficiency.