The Many Problems With CFL Light Bulbs


You have doubtless come across Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) on sale in shops and in use in offices and domestic settings. They’ve been around a while yet despite their claims to deliver low-energy lighting and hence energy savings (for which …

Why Won’t My LED Replacements For Halogen Lamps Work?

LED Lights Won't Work

So you’ve decided to personally do something about global warming and all that and gone and replaced your hideously wasteful halogen lamps with environmentally friendly LED versions. Sure they were eye-wateringly pricey but hey, you’ve seen that poor ickle polar …

Not So Green At Night – What’s Wrong With Conventional Lighting

Tiffany Lampshade

The good old incandescent light bulb may have lit the way to the 24 hour world we live in today, but it’s finally time to part company with this dated technology. Energy is scarce and expensive enough already and the incandescent electric bulb frankly ticks all the wrong boxes these days.

4 Great Bathroom Lighting Tips

Bathroom Lighting

It’s a stunningly obvious fact of life that nothing ever looks it’s best if it’s badly lit and lurking in the gloom. Yet this seems to somehow elude countless people. Anyway, here are some top tips for sorting out your bathroom lighting to show it off to it’s best. Enjoy!

Kitchen Cabinet Lighting And Other Wild Extravaganzas…

Under Cabinet Lighting

Kitchen lighting is not a subject most people readily consider exciting (or even vaguely interesting come to that), yet it is something of an unsung hero. While folk gladly brag about their designer hob and granite counters they all too often forget that lighting design has more to do with how a kitchen looks than what is actually in it.